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Care for your society: A cloth collection drive

The basic need of Clothing is only highlighted as an issue during disasters even though most of India doesn’t need a disaster to be helped. Through this initiative, we want to collect those unused, disliked and outdated clothes filling your wardrobes, the importance of which can only be realised by the needy.


To act as a channel and make sure those unused clothes lying in your wardrobes reach poor and needy

How does the distribution happen?

  • Distribution will be done with the help of award-winning NGO - Goonj
  • Goonj distributes clothes to only those needy people who are motivated to take up development activities for the society, thus ensuring the dignity and self- respect of the people

How to drive cloth collection in my organization?

If you want to volunteer and drive the process in your organizaiton, please follow the steps given. Else you can also spread the word and find a volunteer who can drive the process. Following is the process for volunteers who can drive cloth collection in their organization:

  • Register yourself using this form so that we know you are driving the efforts and provide the necessary logistics
  • Download these posters, presentations and customize them as per your needs
  • Publicize the event in your respective offices after permissions from concerned authorities (use the above material). Please note that Goonj accepts only washed clothes
  • Arrange for drop boxes to collect clothes and place them at appropriate locations. Encourage and remind employees on email lists to bring clothes to office and drop them in "drop boxes"
  • Arrange for transport to take away clothes to Goonj offices. Here on, Goonj guys will take care of distributing the clothes. Address of Goonj's office for your city is available on Goonj website. Please let us know if you need help in arranging transport
  • For any assistance or feedback, mail us on feedback [AT] bharatbadalo [DOT] com

Similar campaigns in past

  • You can find about one of our earlier campaign in IIT Bombay here
  • A VastraDaan Program organized by Goonj

Spread the idea so that others can join the effort

  • Send this email to call for volunteers in your organization
  • "What's in your mind?" Answer with this:  Care for your society: A cloth collection drive. There are lot of needy people who can get benefitted from your old clothes lying in your closet. Here is the procedure to do a cloth collection drive in your organization. Go through it!