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Bangalore Traffic Fines - Things to Know


These are the things one should know about traffic fines / rules in bangalore

  • The Traffic Police cannot stop you to examine the driving license or vehicle documents
  • Traffic Police can stop you only if you have violated any traffic laws or to check if you are driving drunk
  • When caught for traffic violation, the fine you pay must be limited to the violation. In other words, the police can't bloat the bill saying that you have no insurance cover or emission certificate, etc
  • It is an offence to drive a vehicle without Driving License. The fine is Rs 300
  • If you have not purchased insurance cover/ emission certificate for your vehicle, then the police officer must issue a notice, not impose penalty

What documents should a driver carry when driving?

  • Driving license / Registration certificate
  • Taxation Certificate
  • Emission Test Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate

Fine details are available on the this link

Complains can be submitted on this link



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